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10 Apps to Help You Manage Your Freelance Writing

10 Apps to Help You Manage Your Freelance Writing

Are you looking for freelance writing work? I know what you’re going to say, “We all are, aren’t we?” That’s a fair answer. We all need things to work on and, to be honest, there are tons of place to find work scattered throughout the Internet. The trick is locating places that will pay you and not charge you for leads. It isn’t impossible—remember to keep the funds rolling in your direction, and you’ll be all set.

Running a freelance writing business is just that—a business. If you’re not used to it, there’s a huge learning curve. You’ll be working as an accountant, administrator, content marketer, social media manager, sales team member, and acquisitions manager if you want to remain profitable. With that in mind, we’re going to look at ten apps to help you manage your freelance writing career.

1: Adobe eSign

Using this service is not only easy but also beneficial when you need a contract signed immediately. I’ve used this digital service many times throughout the years when an NDA or other documentation needed signatures.

2: HootSuite

Here’s another app that’s been around for years and the main reason is that it works well and it’s dependable. For those who are using multiple social media accounts for their campaigns, this is a must-have for distribution and collaboration.

3: OpenOffice

For those who prefer not to use Microsoft Office and aren’t comfortable with entrusting Google Docs with all of your documents, this freelance writing app is the best alternative. OpenOffice clones Mircosoft Office’s programs effectively, thus allowing you to communicate on your client’s level.

4: GoogleDrive

Use of this freelance writing app allows you to work on your projects no matter your location or what computer you’re using.

5: Slack

Do you need to chat with your clients? There’s no need to dial through Skype or sort through the clutter or other chat services. Many consider Slack the gold standard regarding apps for freelance writers.

6: TeuxDeux

When you’re a freelancer with multiple tasks that repeat week after week, this app for freelance writing organization is ideal. It’s clean lines and easy to use interface make it one that’s used by many freelancers worldwide.

7: BidSketch

The right proposal sets freelance writers apart from the rest. I downloaded the freelance writing proposal from this app, and it’s lengthy. I was surprised at how comprehensive this template was considering it’s free!

8: RescueTime

Are you spending time working on the wrong things? Use of this freelance writing time app will prevent you from doing so and allow you to manage your time more effectively.

9: Droplr

Sometimes, clients want you to share your freelance writing progress with them. Use of this freelance writing storage and sharing app ranks high because it allows you to share screenshots seamlessly.

10: FocusBooster

Freelance writers are notorious for not taking breaks. Through the use of this app for freelance writers, not only will you take 5-minute breaks every 25 minutes but you’ll also be able to maintain the rest of your work schedule.

There are MANY More

The Internet is flooded with apps for freelance writers to help you stay motivated, organized, on track, and so you’re able to meet your deadlines. There are hundreds of accounting, chat, contact organization, and team management apps. In a future article, I’m going to cover accounting apps for freelance writers. The main reason that deserves its own post is that we’re starting a new year and entering tax season.

What are your favorite freelance writing apps?

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