Be a Writer Who
Be a Writer Who

Be a Writer Who Avoids Distraction

Be a Writer Who Avoids Distraction

Are you a writer who is easily distracted? Do you have trouble remaining focused on an assignment, plot, or another piece of writing? You’re not alone. Thousands of other writers struggle with distraction every single day. The question is, is it possible to be a writer who avoids distraction? We’re going to dig into that topic now.

How Can a Writer Avoid Distraction?

Countless tools are emerging offering ways to help writers avoid distraction. Figuring out whether or not they work depends on the writer’s habits, focus, drive, and if they WANT the tool to work for them. There are also ways for writers to figure out how to avoid distraction without using tools at all. For example, they can:

  • Turn off social media notifications. Each time they hear a ping, those noises drive them away from whatever task needs their attention.
  • Silence email and check it during scheduled times. Some have difficulty with this but, if you’re working on something that’s due and requires your full attention, email can wait.
  • Be firm with those around you. If you’re not working in a dedicated office space away from your family, be firm with them regarding your working times and that their conversations can wait.
  • If you have a landline phone, move it away from your workspace. Otherwise, you may be sucked into phone calls with your friends or family who don’t realize you’re working because you feel too guilty to ignore their number on your caller ID screen.

It Seems Too Easy, Right?

I know, it does seem too easy. However, with discipline, it’s possible to be a writer who avoids distraction. It’s also possible to be a writer who gets derailed when researching because you find interesting articles or blog posts . . . and you find yourself down an informational rabbit hole. That’s where discipline comes into play. While there are tools to help you stay on track, ultimately it’s up to you to remain focused during the research process and avoid the temptation of clicking away from what you’re working on and on to something else.

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