Celebrating 20 Years in the Writing business!

Celebrating 20 Years: Continued

Celebrating 20 Years: Continued

There’s so much more I wanted to say in yesterday’s post, but that one was getting quite long. So, I decided to extend it to more than one. For those who prefer not to read “book-length” blog posts, I’m sure you appreciate that.

When I realized this monumental year was coming up, I wanted to celebrate the “day.” You know, similar to celebrating a birthday or wedding anniversary? Then, I promptly forgot all about it for a while—and remembered again, panicked a little (Why? I don’t know—I’m strange.), and posted this on my Facebook page:

After giving it thorough consideration, though, I changed my mind. Instead of celebrating the “day,” I decided I would like to celebrate the year. It’s a big deal—twenty years—so, why not?

Celebrating 20 Years: Continued
Image courtesy: Artturi_Mantysaari

I’m not talking about ridiculous celebrations.

No, what I’m referring to is:

  • Taking pages from books of people I admire, and celebrating more accomplishments
  • Following-through with my plan to re-launch Maine-ly Motherhood (I set its place last year)
  • Re-releasing at least one of my books (possibly more)
  • Doing something with Working Freelance Writer—a website? An eBook? While I like my original idea of launching it as a magazine, I researched the market, and I’m doubtful it has a place.
  • Overhauling my website (again, I know, I do this annually)
  • Stepping out of my “comfort zone” and querying or (and!) pitching niche markets

That’s what I meant in yesterday’s post about having plans in the books. It’s true—we all have them. Instead of looking at them as “plans,” though, I’m thinking of them as “celebrations.”


I wouldn’t be able to work on any of these things if I hadn’t taken that leap twenty years ago. That’s a big deal—and I think it’s worth celebrating.

Don’t worry; I’m not writing a gigantic post today. Yes, I was tempted to write one as long as I did yesterday. Instead, I’m keeping this one short and sweet!

Happy hump day!

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