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CLIP: A Complete Guide to Storage Unit Sizes | MYMOVE

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We’ve all been in that situation (or know someone who has) when, you need a storage unit, and have no idea what size to get. In this guide, I break down how much you can fit into various-sized storage units. That way, you aren’t stuck with one that’s too big or, worse, too small!

When you’re looking at storage unit sizes, one of the most common questions you are going to ask is, “how big of a storage unit do I need?” Answering that question helps prevent you from getting one that’s too big and wastes money, or one that’s too small and forces you to squeeze your valuable possessions.

Researching storage unit sizes means understanding what you’re storing, the number of rooms you need storage for, and the square footage of each unit. In doing so, you can find the best storage unit to

Source: A Complete Guide to Storage Unit Sizes | MYMOVE

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