Freelance Writing Lead Tips Fridays
Freelance Writing Lead Tips Fridays

Freelance Writing Lead Tips Fridays: A New Series

For those of you who follow my blog regularly, you may be noticing a trend. I like to assign themes (topics?) to days of the week. The main reason is that it helps keep my thoughts organized and, in my opinion, it helps readers know what to expect and when. So far, you can find:

Now, we’re heading into “Freelance Writing Lead Tips Fridays.” Yes, I have plans to come up with something for Thursdays. I’m thinking about dedicating Thursdays to “tools of the trade,” or something similar.

Why Begin This Series?

I follow a LOT of new writers on Twitter, and some of them follow me back. There’s one trend in common among a significant percent of then—they believe there’s no work available for freelance writers. I have no idea why they think this is true. It’s far from the truth. It is mind-boggling how many opportunities are available. So, I decided to start this series to pick apart the process for new writers and show them step-by-step how to find new freelance writing leads each week.

Others Do This Already

Many veteran freelance writers share tips, ideas, and insights about how to do many things. We are all experts in one way or another and willing to help new writers succeed. Perhaps I’ll be approaching things a bit differently and help these writers see that there are, in fact, ways to find freelance writing leads and stop feeling desperate for work. I share many freelance writing job leads on Twitter already (there’s a lot of engagement there), and I’m considering sharing on the Working Freelance Writer Facebook page. Here’s a Twitter example:

What Can Readers Expect?

Just like every other series on this blog, this one is going to evolve based on the needs of you—my readers. Initially, I’m going to present a chronological list of tips—Tip #1, Tip #2, and so on. If readers write in or comment with a specific question, then I’ll address it during an upcoming week. Remember, we’re all in this together, and we’re not working in a vacuum. If you have questions, I’ll do everything I can to find you an answer.

Over to You

Before we begin, do YOU have specific questions about finding freelance writing leads? If so, please use the comments section (on this blog, social media, etc.), or send me an email (jg[at]jenngreenleaf[dot]com) and, after I answer your question, I’ll schedule a post so everyone can benefit from that information.

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