Monday Motivation
Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation: Goals

We’re two weeks into the New Year. Have you set goals? Do you have concerns about setting them or that they may not be realistic?

Setting goals are one of the active “ingredients” I include in my freelance writing business not only as a way of ensuring I maintain motivation but also sucess. I write about this regularly because I believe there’s a fine line between setting goals and resolutions.

Many believe that they shouldn’t create goals when the New Year starts because they’re setting themselves up for failure. I believe this is true ONLY if you’re looking at it from the New Year’s resolution point of view.

The main reason is that according to Julie Christopher’s research for her article in Entrepreneur, “statistics show that only 9.2 percent of people ever achieve their New Year’s resolutions and break free from their bad habits.”

What are some of YOUR goals for the New Year?

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