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On Preparing for Vacation

On Preparing for Vacation

When you’re a writer, there are several things you have to do before leaving for vacation. I wrote about how writers experience vacation guilt on Working Freelance Writer, as well as how to prepare for their trip away from the computer. However, I didn’t get into my plans for preparing for the trip my husband is about to take. We have plans to be away between July 4th and 7th, so I have to make sure all of my ducks are in a row.

I have deadlines occurring before and after this vacation. So, I’m taking care of all of them before leaving. That way, no rushing against the clock is happening when we return. Here’s what I’m writing about between now and the end of the business day on July 3rd:

  • How to Build a Strong Relationship with Caregivers (800 words due July 1st)
  • Battery Powered Pool Vacuums (4,000 words due July 3rd)
  • 52 Things to Do in Okinawa (5,700 words due July 2nd)
  • How to Tell When Your Field Tools Are Outdated for Site Inspections (800+ words due July 5th—turning in early)
  • Streamlining Workflow Processes to Improve Field Service Metrics (3500+ words due July 8th—turning in early)

As you can see, it’s a wide variety of topics (and a lot of words—14,800+)! I love that I have so many different things to write about each week. I usually have websites thrown in there, too, but it’s been about two weeks since one of those assignments have come through. Anyway, when these assignments are complete, my desk will be clear. So, when I return, I’ll be ready to start fresh!

How do YOU prepare for taking a vacation in your freelance writing career?

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