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Taking Working Freelance Writer to Print

Plans for Moving from Digital to Print in 2020

Taking Working Freelance Writer to Print

As many of you know, I’m the founder and editor of the digital publication, Working Freelance Writer. I launched it on December 1, 2018, and it’s been growing steadily ever since. During the initial launch, I toyed with the idea of going to print simultaneously. Instead, I decided to test the waters. I wanted to see if there was an audience and if it would grow.

I’m happy with the results I’ve been seeing, which is why I’m heading in this direction. Have you been reading? Here are the top ten most-read articles for the year so far:

How to Write a Freelance Writing Pitch

Is There a Such Thing as a Perfect Pitch?

Some pitches will land contracts and repeat clients. Conversely, there are freelance writing pitches that will ultimately receive rejections. Learning how to craft your pitch so it will reach your target and land the contract is a recipe for success. That part sounds easy. Working through the learning curve isn’t easy for some freelance writers. That’s why it’s critical to learn how to write a freelance writing pitch.

A Basic Guide for Launching a Freelance Writing Business

You have the latest copy of The Writer’s Market, and you’re consistently loading your bookmarks with markets, resources, and articles about freelance writing. You feel like you’ve read everything you can get your hands on about launching a freelance writing business.

What is Professional Ghosting?

Something that’s happening in the freelance writing world that shouldn’t.

Imagine a client contacting you after being referred by a mutual colleague. Initially, the arrangement is exciting, and communications are occurring every one or two days. The work is steady, instructions are clear, and the pay is decent. You feel like everything is moving along well because the feedback is positive.

Is Freelance Writing a Healthy Career Choice?

Deciding to become a freelance writer may seem like the healthiest career choice. The main reason is that some may be leaving a high stress, high tension job. Others may be leaving a job that was causing too many problems with their physical health. However, when you’re sitting at a desk for many hours typing, is it healthy?

The Importance of Setting Goals for Your Freelance Business

Are you setting goals for your freelance business? A mistake many freelancers make is failing to recognize that what they’re doing is, in fact, a business. While it’s impossible for businesses to thrive merely on goals, it’s essential to have them. However, they must be practical and achievable. Learning where to start is the trick. No matter if you’re working on a short-term list or goals for an entire year, developing a system is vital. The importance of setting goals for your freelance business plays an essential role in how successful you’ll be during the upcoming year. Here are some tips.

Should Freelance Writers Keep a Journal?

I’ve been an avid journaler for years. I fill thick hardback journals, several of them, annually. In recent years, I’ve done this less. Life and stress have gotten in the way and, to be honest, I’ve seen how it’s taken a toll on my creative work. Therefore, it begs the question, “should freelance writers keep a journal?” In my opinion, the answer is always, “yes.” I’ll explain.

How Are You Developing Your Writing Style?

Refining your writing style, so it defines your voice and is unique in comparison to other writers is essential. You’ll find this is particularly true as more freelance writers consistently emerge onto the scene. Because we’re living in the digital age, it’s an excellent opportunity for honing our craft and figuring out how we want our readers to hear us.

How to Be a More Productive Freelance Writer

Do you want to use your time more efficiently and, in turn, earn more income? I’ve acquired a reputation in the writing industry for having “OCD lists,” and I wear that badge with pride. I use these lists to keep myself accountable, organized, and run my business more efficiently. However, I use other methods to ensure I’m working productively as well. We’re going to look at how to be a more productive freelance writer so you can earn more income and run a better small business.

What Do You Do When You Hit Paywalls?

We’re consistently told to use high-quality and reputable sources when conducting our research. Under some circumstances, clients provide us with style guides blacklisting some sources and requiring others. What do we do, however, when some of those needed sources have paywalls?

My Goals

First, I want to thank everyone who has supported Working Freelance Writer. Each time you follow the Facebook page, share an article on any social media channel, follow the publication through Medium, or subscribe to the newsletter, you’re showing me this work matters. I also want to thank the writers who have signed up so far. I’m looking forward to your contributions. (Would you like to write for Working Freelance Writer? The submission guidelines are here.)

My publication goals include keeping a digital edition alongside exclusive print editions. I’ll have separate submission guidelines for each. I’m hoping to launch on January 1, 2020. Instead of a traditional magazine that’s full of advertisements, this one is going to feel more like a book. It will still have the same set up like a magazine, but without the clutter and other things readers don’t want to see.

What you can expect: (the usual things)

  • Frontmatter: letter from the editor, writers, and contributors
  • Contents
  • Articles and reviews

As this project progresses, I’ll continue to update. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message at jg [at] jenngreenleaf [dot] com. Thank you for joining me on this journey!

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