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Mainely Motherhood

The Mainely Motherhood Updates Continue!

Mainely Motherhood Updates Continue!

Since the last time I talked about Mainely Motherhood, I’ve completed a series of updates that I’m excited about:

  • Disclaimer page
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms of Service page
  • Advertising, partnerships, and sponsors

Disclaimer Page

Because many of the posts I plan to write include affiliate links, I know having a disclaimer page is critical. I linked it to the footer of every page of the site.

Privacy Policy

I know many people have worried about their personal information becoming compromised. So, I set up a privacy page to ensure everyone knows I’m not collecting any personal information. And, if someone does decide to sign up for my newsletter, none of the information they provide to me will be shared.

Terms of Service

While I was creating these pages, I decided to add a “terms of service” page. That way, all of my bases are covered.

Advertising, Partnerships, and Sponsors

I’ve been on the hunt for some great advertising, partnership, and sponsorship opportunities. So far, I’ve secured twelve. As the list grows, I’ll move these banners from the front page to a separate, “Sponsors” page. Otherwise, I worry the bottom of the main page will become too cluttered.

Facebook Page Relaunch

Several weeks ago, I accidentally disconnected myself from the original Mainely Motherhood Facebook page. I contacted Facebook, but that was unsuccessful. So, yesterday, I started the “bare bones” of a new page. It’s upsetting, but we all make mistakes and have to learn from them. What does this mean? I have a lot of updating to do on that page—stay tuned! (*In the meantime, you can “like” the page to see what’s happening!)

Moving Forward

Now that I have some excellent adverting, partnerships, and sponsors lined up, it’s time to continue building the site’s content. That’s VERY thin right now, but I have plans to rectify that this weekend. Things are coming together, and that’s SO exciting!

Thank you, everyone, for your on-going support as I move forward with this project!

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