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Where Else is Jenn Writing?

Where Else is Jenn Writing?

I’m experimenting with something new. In the past, I’ve heard about content publishing platforms. Some of my colleagues were using them. They decided to post articles that were either rejected or that they couldn’t sell. Those efforts helped them add approximately $2,000 to their bottom line.

When I heard that nDash started offering this service, I was intrigued. I love this platform and have been using it to work with clients since October of 2018. Adding this to my routine seemed like a natural fit. So, I started publishing.

Here are my current offerings:

How to Hire and Retain Great Full-Time Employees

Hiring and retaining great full-time employees is a challenge for some managers. Given today’s unemployment rate, this doesn’t have to be the case. There are many opportunities for hiring managers to take a close look at their strategies, find the best candidates, and retain them. We’re going to discuss how.

Are You Afraid of Cold Pitching?

Sending cold pitches is one of the best ways to land freelance writing work. Approaching the potential client correctly is critical.

How Often Am I Publishing?

These two are spaced out a couple of weeks. I plan to use the platform more often, though. I love that I can write about any topic and post images. The best part is that, when the links are live, the marketing department helps me promote them. Even though I haven’t made a sale yet, I’m confident I will.

Just like anything else in the writing and publishing world, success happens with volume. I plan to add articles to the platform every week. At first, I was worried about where I would find ideas. That inspired me to write, Mining for Ideas: Is Anything New Anymore? That showed me that I don’t have anything to worry about—the ideas are there. I just have to tap into them.

Why Am I Sharing This?

Ghostwriters (like me) have a difficult time gathering clips. That’s why I share a considerable amount of content on Medium and this blog. I’m adding this content platform to my repertoire as another way for prospective clients to see my writing chops. I also want you to see that platforms like nDash are an excellent opportunity to do the same.

It’s exciting to work with something new. There are always things evolving in the freelance writing world. Don’t be afraid to check things out, discover new opportunities, and determine what works. Working with something new takes the “boring” out of the everyday. You’ll have a chance to flex your writing muscles if you find yourself writing about the same thing all the time.

Final Thoughts

I’m thinking about creating a dedicated space on this site for the content I create for sale on nDash. I’ll post another update if (when?) that happens. I can’t decide if I want it to be a page, a tagged blog post I continuously update, or a sidebar with links. I’ll figure it out—in the meantime; I’ll be writing! I hope you do, too!

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