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Why is Digital Marketing Important?

We’ve seen a shift in how we approach online marketing regarding how we’re attempting to sell our goods and services. Previously, we’d write a newsletter and make some updates to our websites. Now, digital marketing has become an integral part of how businesses reach their customers. What’s more is this isn’t limited to those who are offering tangible products but also authors, writers, and other creatives attempting to sell as well. We’re going to look at why digital marketing is important.

Why is Digital Marketing Important?

When I mention the importance of a digital marketing plan to new authors or freelance writers emerging into the industry, I can feel their eyes glazing over despite our chatting through the Internet. I know they want to ask, “What’s the point?” To put it simply, if you’re not actively promoting yourself, your potential customers (readers, etc.) can’t find you.

Where Should You Begin?

Start with your website. Your website directly represents who you are and what you’re doing. If you’re an artist, author, designer, freelance writer, or offering any other kind of service, you’re representing it on your website. You’d be surprised how many people are “Googling” your name to determine the legitimacy of your business and to see if there are any positive reviews in existence. They’ll make a decision regarding whether or not they want to do conduct business with you based upon their findings.

Next, develop a blog that contains relevant, useful, engaging, and evergreen content. In doing so, you’re showing potential clients and customers that you’re standing behind the message you’re sending out through your website. You’re also helping these individuals potentially solve a problem, provide them with needed information, or educate them in some other way.

Creating a Digital Marketing Plan

We’ll go over how to develop a digital marketing plan in future posts. For now, your mission is to create a compelling website consisting of landing pages that will engage, notify, and call your readers to action. If you’re selling a product or service, be sure to include a separate gallery or portfolio section that’s clearly marked so your potential customers can easily navigate to it from the main page.

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